Detoxing Your Body with 3 Great-Tasting Beverages


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Detox is a great way to start your weight loss program, but why? It is because detox helps your body to get its full nutrients, it also give your digestive system a time-out from breaking down food inside your stomach. Detoxification is always associated with the liver, since it is the organ responsible for detoxing. 

Added to that, there are also some areas in the body that are intended to detox like the skin, kidneys and colon. Since skin is the largest organ, automatically it is also the largest organ of detoxification by the means of eradicating the toxin through perspirations. Your kidneys on the other hand, screen your blood and removes toxins through urine. Finally, the colon metabolize the toxin in the body and out in the form of waste number two. If you are having trouble eliminating them, constipation occurs. That’s why you need plenty of water and enough fiber in order to eliminate it from your body.

Once you have known the role of detoxifying process in your body, I will give you lists of detox drink recipes that will help you be healthier not only through exercises, healthy foods or healthy lifestyle, but also having healthy organs, which is very important.

The Matcha Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Matcha is a green tea that is often used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Teas are good antioxidants and can definitely help you through your detoxifying process. The pineapple and mango added great flavor to it plus it contains vitamins that are vital for your health.

The Pomegranate Pineapple Lemon Juice

Experts have found that pomegranate is a great detox food and it has two times more antioxidants than the green tea. We all know that green tea is popular for its antioxidants content, but I wonder why people hasn’t discover this yet? Again pineapple plays big role in giving you vitamins and nutrients, no wonder why it is included here. Plus, lemon increases your metabolism and neutralizes the flavor. One way to go!

The Greenish Juice

So what exactly is this? With the mixtures of cucumber, spinach, collards this give your body a total boost for your organs. There are also some lemons to help you love your greens more. If you love the idea of eating greens, this one is definitely for you.

The Dieter’s Water

Do you love to keep things simple? This is ultimately water that is soaked overnight with variety of cleansing fruits and vegetables in it. The idea of this is to let the water absorb the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. It’s how simple it is! Maybe you should try this.

The Hydrating Juice

First step to detoxing your body is to keep hydrated. Most people having a hard time detoxing their body is because they are not hydrated enough and drank a lot of drinks like coffees and sodas. Drink plenty of water so that your body can easily boost metabolism and flush out the toxins. Keep it natural!

The Colorful Cocktail

Mixing pomegranate and kale is a super duper combination that will do your body a big favor. Kale is high in protein, fiber and phytochemicals, while pomegranate helps fight free radicals. Aren’t they the perfect match? Then, add cranberries that serve as antioxidants, pear for the sweet taste and mint (optional) if you like a minty fresh taste.

The Rainbow Veggie Juice

According to experts, eating more colorful vegetables are good for your health because they have a lot of nutrients. Tomatoes and peppers, orange from carrots, yellow from lemons, green from celery, parsley, romaine and cilantro, isn’t that colorful enough? Perhaps adding something with blue-ish color? Why not! These veggies are great combination of a delicious juice.

The Citrus & Green Tea Smoothie

It’s quite rare to have green tea in smoothies, but they did it anyway. The smoothie name itself clearly shows how superb it works for detoxifying, not to mention its antioxidants contents. Citrus makes it taste better and gives you vitamins. Some people added banana and green yogurt for protein. You might want to give it a try, too.

The Turmeric Detox Drink

I wasn’t expecting turmeric has the power to boost metabolism and have detoxifying agents but not only that, it also aids in breaking down toxic chemicals in the liver. Isn’t this great? Added to that, you can mix the drink with ginger and organic lemon juice because it has strong cleansing value. These mixtures of spices are best if you add a little sweetness to boost its taste. You’re going to love this!

The Blueberry Fruit Smoothie

This is a nice combination of flavors because these are the concoctions of three super foods in one glass of juice; they are blueberries, bananas and cranberries. This is perfect for breakfast or any time throughout the day if you are trying to lose weight and detoxing at the same time.

The Orange Drink

This drink comprises of four ingredients and surprisingly there are no orange involved here! They are actually carrots, celery, apples and lime for a twist to enhance the taste. This health-giving drink is simple and easy to make.

The Mango Ginger Lemonade

Seriously, are these mixtures taste good together? Remarkably yes! Ginger is good to make yourself feeling calm while mango has the neutralize effect on the body with its amazing flavor, and of course the lemonade give boost to the drink.

The list goes on when it comes to detox drinks. You can also make your own drink or juice by combining any of your favorite fruits or veggies that have the same nutritional contents. Regular cleansing for the body is safe and good for your healthy especially for your colon, skin, kidneys and other internal organs.

How to Have a Good Outlook in Confronting Weight Loss Problem?


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How you see yourself in dealings with weight loss problem is important both for you and other people around you. The reason why most people were unsuccessful at their attempt in weight loss is because they confront themselves in a wrong perspective and went wrong along the way. What you actually need to do is setting your expectation and goals in a realistic manner and motivates yourself to succeed.

Losing weight can be very challenging to people who are struggling their whole life with weight problem. There are surely trials, temptation, and obstacles along the way that is why you need to prepare yourself mentally as well as you can. Our outlook is imperative although it is not appreciated but it plays a big role in our journey of losing weight.

The common approach of negative people is doubting whether or not they can lose weight immediately which is natural and usually end up giving up at an early stage because they haven’t seen the immediate result after working out very hard (well, according to them). This kind of negative attitude will definitely bring you downhill in all your future endeavors not only in terms of weight loss.

Perhaps, you are focusing too much on numbers and how you did not lose huge pounds in a week. It’s true that this could be the main factor of discouragement, but remember when setting goals you must make sure that it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-limited (SMART). There is no such thing as wrong goals, only the wrong outlook and attitude toward your goals.

How to fight this kind of mentally? It is as simple as having the positive outlook and approach toward the changes in life. This kind of mentality helps you stay focus regardless of what your plans are, how much more in weight management matters. Stay positive in every aspect of your life should be your primary motivation to be healthy. Yes, this may require a lot more time and effort especially if you are just starting but seeing the result and how far you have gone, surely worth it – it is for yourself.

When your perspective toward life changes to more positive ones, I am pretty sure your lifestyle changes including your diet! Why? Because you starting to love and respect yourself. Eat whatever you want in moderate amount and enjoy living. Weight loss is not about suppressing hunger or punishing yourself, you’ll be surprise to know it has a lot more to do with the psychological matter than of the physical.

Furthermore, practice positive self-talk as often as you can. It is a good way to increase your confidence and breaking down the walls between you and your goals. Self-talk helps you be more positive and think more practically about who you are and your efforts. Why not trying to use a diary or memo to record every success you have achieved. Remember: only focus on the positive ones.

To make things easier for you, I have concluded the best ways to make your journey easier and how you can start:

  • Ask yourself why you want it. Write it down and read it out loud whenever you feel like giving up.
  • Start to change your lifestyle, gradually. Do not tell yourself you are on a “diet”, but rather always remind yourself that you are just “getting healthy”.
  • Never talk or look down about yourself. When you put yourself in high regard, you will respect your whole being more.
  • Tell yourself you are thin and happy. Focus on the feeling so that you can make your goals more attainable and realistic as possible.
  • What is your most favorite part of the body? Hand, hair, eyes, legs, lips? I’m sure the list is long. Love your body and spend some time every day focusing on your favorite part of the body. Groom it or simply appreciate it for being there instead of complaining about how unhappy you are with them.
  • Do not rush things. It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce. If you want to see real healthy weight loss, you need time to work it out. Do not feel frustrated when things don’t happen immediately. Losing weight is not a contest of who finishes first. Remind yourself you are not in a hurry and you still got plenty of time as long as it is spent it well. Patient is a virtue!
  • Avoid perfectionism. Do not setting high expectation on yourself and never think “it’s all or nothing” terms. When you have cheat, never punish yourself instead learn from your mistake and try again.

Believe it or not, losing weight requires strategies and management. If it is done well and in the right method you will absolutely be on the brighter track. Don’t stress yourself out too much as this can lead to binge eating and cause weight gain. If you realized you are becoming stressed out due to problems and craving for foods, substitute those junk foods to healthier option like fruit juice, smoothies, veggies, or fruits.

Weight loss is more than just diet, it is a lifestyle change. Give your best effort to what you are doing. If you think you have done your best, maybe it is not your very best yet. The key is to start out with the right attitude train your brain to think healthy and enjoy the journey of losing weight. Be good to yourself and always remember to reward yourself once in a while for your effort (but never with food, of course), and everything will follow through after that.

List of How to Lose Extra Pounds in an Effortless Ways


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Tired of doing the same routine every day in order to lose weight? Are you looking for new and fun alternative for losing weight? Do not be despair; here are the lists of ways to lose that extra pound in fun and effortless techniques. These simple tips will make you inspired and encouraged to push through.

  • Take a simple walk around the town and take your dog with you or take a short visit towards your crush’s house on the other streets. Step up the stairs instead of using the elevator. The main reason for this is to simply keep moving.
  • Explore your neighborhood street by feet. Explore new places, go somewhere where you have not yet been, park your car and take a walk.
  • Never eat in bulk-sized plate. Yes, you may be hungry, but eat moderately and not too full. Besides, you can eat few hours after you meal but then again only in moderate amount of food.
  • Challenge yourself in the gym. You can find a lot of buffed and strong people working out in the gym. Try to outlast the person on the treadmill next to you, this sounds fun!
  • Identify your failures. We all failed at some point in our lives. Identify what causes our stress and overeating. Once you discover it, you learn from your mistake.
  • Motivates yourself especially if you are following your fitness plan. Hit on your favorite music on a high volume and dance it all out and lose those sweats. Motivate yourself with your old photos and how you have done great progress in the past few months. You can also reward yourself like buying new clothes you have always wanted, or spend you day at the movie cinema with your loved ones.
  • Go out for an adventure with friends – go hiking! This is a fun activity if you are with your friends. Hiking can burn calories while you are creating memories and enjoying your time with friends. You don’t have to go outside the country to do this, there are available hiking trails in your local parks or forest preservation in your area that will do.
  • Bored of the same old squatting? Try counting it in reverse. Maybe what you need is only a change in the outlook of life. Don’t you think so?
  • Drink plenty of water one hour before any activity and get enough energy around three hours before your workout. Drink small amount of water every 15-30 minutes if you want to sweat it all out.
  • Do not stay stagnant; your muscles need challenge in order for you to improve your fitness and endurance. If you are working out at certain level of pressure, increase it gradually as after every week. Try new activities every month, this will keep you more focus and alert.
  • Do not rush when you are eating. As most people say, “eating is an art”, therefore it takes time. Eating has steps in order to digest the food thoroughly. If you are not chewing the food properly, it will not be digested well on the second step and onward. It is best to initiate conversation on the table to promote a satisfying eating appetite.
  • Get help if you are not making progress. One of the hardest things in the world is asking for help, but when it comes to weight loss you won’t lose anything by asking help to expert. You might have causal health condition that requires further medical attention. So, it is important to ask for help.

Some of these tips may not assure you to lose weight immediately, but rather to give you a different outlook in life on how to lose weight. Perspective in life is important if you want to lose significant amount of weight, but you should make the first step first. Good luck!