Forskolin for Weight Loss – Is it Worth The Hype?


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forskolin review

Forskolin is a revolutionary natural chemical compound that is highly regarded as weight loss catalyst as well as muscle building accelerator. Pure natural forskolin is a multi-purpose ingredient, which is derived from a medicinal plant root known as Plectranthus Barbatus plant. This plant has been used for many years by Indian for medicinal purposes.

Can Forskolin be used for weight loss?

Forskolin can increase the cAMP levels, which is very beneficial for various biochemical effects such as lipolysis. Lipolysis is a process of breaking down or burning up of fat cells in the human body. cAMP is an enzyme that is associated with signaling functions to many organisms to get them into motion. One of these functions is supporting faster the activation mechanisms for losing fat.

What the studies have shown regarding Forskolin and weight loss

Credible clinical studies have been carried out on Forskolin and the results have supported the extract. The vitro studies done on the plant found out that the plant is able to initiate the lipolysis process in human fat cells. Another study done at the Penn State University discovered that overweight individuals have lower levels of cAMP before taking forskolin. After taking forskolin all obese participants increase their level of cAMP. Increase in production of cAMP is connected to weight loss benefits.

Different study conducted at the university involved 6 women who were given 250mg of forskolin extract which they took for 9 weeks. At the end of the study most participants had lost an average of 10 pounds. Blood pressure levels recorded from all participants also showed that there was a decrease across the board. These outcomes have the increase the thrust of forskolin extract in the market. Forskolin extract is a safe supplement for those who are fighting with weight loss.

Is Forskolin the right supplement for you?

The product appeared on Dr. Oz show confirming the theory and studies done on this extract. Medical literatures and positive evidence have clearly indicated that the extract is a fat buster. It’s been used for centuries for various health benefits but it was after the Dr Oz forskolin show episode it has gained popularity. Its safety features is worthy noting, meaning that the extract can be consumed by anyone unless advised otherwise by the doctor.

Any side effects?

Studies have shown that forskolin extract is linked with reducing the blood pressure, which is a positive sign. A few cases were reported that the extract caused nausea and dizziness to some people. You are advised to consult with your doctor before using the extract in case you’re under medication.

What is its daily dosage?

The recommended dosage is between 26 mg and 60mg on daily basis. You are also advised to go for pure natural extract whenever you want to purchase the extract. Forskolin 250mg capsules are also available in the market. This extract should have a minimum of 20% pure forskolin or even higher.

Who’s allowed to take forskolin?

Pregnant women and nursing mother are not allowed to use the extract. Your doctor must be consulted before purchasing the extract. Children especially those under 18yrs are not recommended to use the extract. For average adult, the supplement is among the best weight loss products in the market today. Use it to jumpstart your weight loss plan!

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Getting a Strong and Tight Abs with These Easy Ways


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The most important part of our body is the abs and the lower back, because it supports most of the significant organs in our body. It is also responsible for every movement we are doing, that is why all athletes focus on this particular area when working out. On the second note, our abs is perhaps the second thing that people look at (after your face). Summer is coming nearer and I am sure you want to flaunt a lean and sexy, flat stomach in the beach or pool. Do not worry! You still have plenty of time to work it out before summer comes.

Having a strong abs means having a strong core and free from back pain. If you ask me about the most common and effective abs exercises, I would say the hanging leg raises and the Swiss ball roll-outs due to its variety of movement that enables the strengthening of the abs, especially the spine area.

Experts in Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University tested 13 most famous abs exercises and rate them from the most effective to the least ones. This research was sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in order to know the different types of core exercises and its efficiency. And here are the best abs exercises that they have come up with:

  • The Bicycle Maneuver – This is an intense exercise that mixes with crunches and riding an artificial bicycle.
  • The Captain’s Chair – A leg or knee raise, it is done on a so-called “power tower”. This is most efficient when it is done slowly without consuming any force.
  • The Exercise Ball Crunch – A stomach exercise that focuses on the overall abdomen to strengthens and alleviates the core muscles. It also enhances balance.

Although the Ball Crunches focuses on the abdominal area, it somehow produced not as much of total abdominal muscle movement unlike other exercises because it focuses more on the core area. Nevertheless, when it comes to efficiency, these three are on top of any other abs exercises.

What about some of the famous commercial abs exercises like the Ab Rocker or the Ab Roller? The study included these products however they found out that these particular products have the tendency of causing lower back pain. So the next time you want to invest your cash in commercialized exercise products make sure it is from reliable and high quality equipment. Flex belt is one of those products and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have toned abs.

Here are the top five rectus abdominals movements:

  1. Bicycle maneuver
  2. Captain’s chair
  3. Crunches on exercise ball
  4. Vertical leg crunch
  5. Torso Track

And top 5 oblique movements:

  1. Captain’s chair
  2. Bicycle maneuver
  3. Reverse crunch
  4. Hover
  5. Vertical leg crunch

The secret to a flatter and leaner abs is to varies your exercises often, your abs loves new challenges and remarkably good at it. Maintain it for few weeks and gradually to months. You’ll be surprised at how amazing the results are!

Help Your Child Lose Weight with These 5 Simple Steps


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If you are a parent that has overweight kids, you are in the right place. It is not easy to tell your child that they are overweight and instructing them to eat healthy foods. At such young age, kids are still in exploring stage and eat whatever they wish to eat; this is one of the factors that most parents are struggling with regarding children obesity. Fret not! There is still time to change your kid’s eating habit and help them live a healthier lifestyle while they are still young. And when they are old enough, they will thank you for helping them to lose weight.

Children who are in average and healthy weight are usually the ones that have more self-confidence, focused and better when they grow up than those who are overweight which are most likely to be bullied and have low self-esteem. What’s worse is that they have higher chances of getting health problems in the future.

Keep in mind to not putting your kids in a weight-loss diet program, how much more to force them. Kids doesn’t like to be force and health-wise they are just unsuitable for a weight-loss program since they body need nutrients in order to grow taller. Suppressing their hunger can lead to binge eating therefore making them crave more foods in no time. Your goal is to maintain their weight to a healthier one. To know more about it, keep reading.

First, show a good example to your kids when it comes to health. Kids don’t do what you said, but do what you do. This is a great way to instill to their mind to practice a good eating habit because they learn by examples. If you told your child to be active while you are sitting on the couch watching TV, your child will end up watching TV as well. What you should do instead is to go and join him in an active routine like going for a walk, bike ride, swimming and perhaps joining sports. It is beneficial to both you and your child since you get the chance to spend time together while helping your kid in pursuit of losing weight.

They will thank you later for being with them throughout the process. Helping your child to lose weight is not a one-person’s work but it involves the whole family. You might consider changing your family’s eating habit one day at a time.

Second, be active and exercise. Overweight kids burn more calories than the slimmer ones. A 60-minute physical activity every day is good enough to help them lose weight. If your kid happens to be at the age of 5-7 years old, you might consider playing ball games, chasing games, riding a scooter or playground swing and etc. For the older ones, active sports like skateboarding, martial arts, skipping etc. is good enough for them. If school and your house is just around the corner, encourage your kid to ride a bike or walk daily instead of using a car.

Third, let’s talk about the kitchen! When preparing the food for your kid, do not give them an over-sized meal or servings. You be the judge of how much food is good enough for them. According to expert, the best way to feed your kid is to serve them only in small portion of food and let them ask for more if they are still hungry. Do not restrict them to finish their meal, and set aside kids plate and adult plates since adult plates are bigger than that of kids.

Eating slowly is one of the best ways to help your kid lose weight. During this time, you can also talk to them about eating a healthy and balance diet everyday so that they understand that being overweight is bad for their health.

Fourth, be more creative. One way to get your kids eating fruits, veggies and other healthy food is to be more creative in order to make them eat it. It may take some efforts but it is worth it. Kids love eating colorful foods, you can combine the fruits and veggies in a way that it can entice them to eat. This is the best and natural way to give them those vitamins, mineral, fiber and other nutrients. One of the reasons why kids are overweight is because they eat too much sugary foods like candies, high-fat sweets, chocolates in big amount and they love eating those because it is colorful and interesting. Therefore, it is time for you to change it to healthier option like juice, smoothies and fresh fruits. You can also search for more sugar swaps food on the internet.

Finally, don’t let your kid surfing the internet and uploading Facebook status until late night. This activity promotes weight gain because they tend to reach for food while facing the computer. According to expert, facing too much screens and lights could delay their bedtime. Kids should not watch TV, playing video games, or facing other electronic gadget 2 hours before bedtime. Children who stayed up late at night are more likely to become obese; it can also affect their mood, behavior and concentration in school.

Now you know what to do and how to help your kids who are struggling with obesity. Keep in mind that the first few weeks of adapting new habits are very tiring and surprising for your kid, but maintain the routine and be consistent. As a parent, we all want our kids to be happy and healthy as they grew up. Start the changes now!